Monday, January 14, 2008

ATM Episode #1

The first ever official episode with a general overview of the middle ages.


Da Vinci Codex in Peril!

Salisbury Cathedral

History Channel Cool Shows for January


Armidale Dark Age Gathering


History Alive

Abbey Medieval Festival


What were the Middle Ages?

A brief overview of major events.

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Click Here to Download Episode 1 All Things Medieval Podcast
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RivCA said...

I went looking for your podcast on iTunes, but I didn't find the feed. There doesn't seem to be a link for the audio feed on your main page, either. I know you're new to the podcasting gig, but I would suggest getting that set up.

Sir Justyn Webbe said...

Thanks Rivca. I purposely left it off iTunes and thought I'd add it later when the quality of the show improves -it was some advice I read on the net somewhere- but I may submit it anyways.

I think the feed is the download/mp3 file above the player at the bottom of the blog entry? I made the text bigger so it stands out a bit more.

Thanks for your valued input!

Kind Regards,

Sir Justyn.

Roy said...

Hi there! Unfortunately the iTunes version of ep1 is giving me an error so I tried to download here but the link is giving me an error too? Thanks for the great podcast