Thursday, April 17, 2008

ATM Episode #4

Warning! Mega Huge Episode!
Well I got carried away there didn't I? I probably should have done it in a Pt 1 and Pt 2 but that would have taken me another week before I could put it out. Audio quality during the interview in the main feature is wobbly but I hope it is still bearable.




I chat with Jeff Hedgecock from Historic Enterprises and expatriate Aussie Luke Binks.


It's all about relevant on the magazine title to go to the websites
And lastly the book 1381-The Peel Affinity is a must have!

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Frere Jacque said...

I'm not sure what he did but he did it! Apologies for all of the listeners who had downloaded episode 3 in a partial form and then in it's entirety before getting the latest episode. I have no idea exactly what Sir Justyn did wrong but apparently it's all my fault. I humbly apologize oh great and mighty knight of England. (especially for your lack of IT skills on behalf of your audience...)