Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You'd Believe Anything......

That is, if you believed my last post. Clearly when I said I'd have another episode out soon, what I meant was I was too busy with work and that my wife who is carrying twins (I told you that right? Yeah of course I did...) needs some attention due to some difficulties she is facing, therefore meaning I'd not get another episode out soon, as prmoised.(again)

Hark! Faithful listener and be not despondent in my prolonged and unseeming absence I will return with another episode in the future.

Oh, and just ignore the title of the post O.K?

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maynotlast said...

I was WONDERING what happened to your podcast. I think in episode 11 you mentioned the ambition of 2 eps. a week (or maybe month) but now I understand the delays. Congrats on the twins! I see a pair of identical young squires assisting Sir Justyn in the future!

Good luck with the babies and I'm eagerly awaiting the next podcast (there's nothing after #11 yet, right?)

Fantastic podcast!

Michael Curtis
Los Angeles, CA