Thursday, August 7, 2008

ATM Episode #6

In this oh so very late July Episode I ramble quite a bit about medieval combat.


  • 1066 the Movie of King Harold II

  • Medieval babes new album this year

  • Living History Worldwide forum and facebook, myspace thingy

  • Time team plans to visit Looe island. Englands favourite archaeology film-makers are planning to visit Looe to uncover the history of a derelict chapel. Channel 4's Time Team has expressed an interest in going to St George's Island at the end of May to excavate a Benedictine chapel which dates back to 1139.

  • Universal Pictures “The Knights Templar” a medieval horror movie! The famed knights must defend the holy grail from a horde of vampires. Knights vs Vampires! Russian Timbur Bekmambetov of Daywatch, Nightwatch and Wanted fame will share the role of producer with Marc Platt with a script by Adam Torchia and Justin Stanley who are said to be historians as well as aspiring screenwriters.

  • Medieval ship found under car park in Barcelona! Construction of an underground parking lot in a Barcelona neighborhood that was under the sea in the middle ages has uncovered a ship that sank, according to archaeologists supervising the site, in the 13th or 14th century. The ship's remains are at some 7 meters (23 feet) below sea level, where construction workers found the upside-down wooden hull of a ship that capsized and sank off what was then the coast of the Catalonian capital. Experts say that the ship's design indicates that it came from somewhere on the Atlantic Ocean.

  • Podcast called chivalry today at by Scott Farell. If you like this podcast then you should check it out. It talks about chivalry and it’s many facets including the past and how it is still relevant today. It is filled with interviews with interesting folk from all walks of life who have something to say about chivalry. Scott also has a wonderful talent for finding chivalric value in movies, books and everyday life. If you love the culture of chivalry you’ll love this podcast.

  • Celtic Myth Podshow is an entertaining show which focuses on you guessed it...Celtic Myths. Very cool stories indeed. Check them out at


This podcast has been recorded in two parts. As we reach this section of the show two or three weeks have passed since I first started recording it. As a result some of the events I am mentioning have been and gone. For this I apologize but would like to mention them anyway so that people

  • Gen Con Oz has been and gone but you can always check it out next year as I hear it was a success and is penned in for September next year rather than July.

  • The Abbey Medieval Festival has been and gone. It attracted an estimated 17 000 visitors this year and if you are interested in seeing some pics of the event head on over to to see some photgraphy by Mark Greenmantle and his team. Great shots abound showcasing the reenactors and performers who attend. If you missed out this time around then start planning for next year. It will be the 20th annivesary of the event and it promises to be huge. It will be on during 4th of July until the 12th with the two day tournament itself being on the 10th and 11th of July. I hope to see you all there!

  • Aaron from New York State in the USA sent me an email to tell us all about his favorite festival in the Northeast USA. This festival runs on weekends from July 12th-August 17th. I do apologize to you Aaron for not getting details of this event up on the podcast until after the commencement of the event itself.
  • And for our randomly picked event go to


Medieval combat, it's objectives, application and combat today.


Sorry, not this episode! Next month I'll have something for sure...

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