Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Abbey Medieval Festival has been and gone for 2010 and now I can get onto other things including podcasting! If you have never been to this event and you live in Australia and have a love of the Middle Ages, you really need to get yourself to this event. It is the biggest and best event of it's kind in Australia regardless what you hear from other lesser shows. Of course Sir Justyn was present with his falconers, hounds, knights, archers, gonners, squires and ladies and will be again next year.

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Lee Tennant said...

So, I discovered your podcast a few months ago. Being a *mumbles in embarrassment* Merlin fan fiction writer, I was looking for podcasts to do with mediaeval life and history and stumbled across yours. Very enjoyable but they suddenly stoppd midway 2009 and I assumed you'd given it up.

Imagine my surprise and amusement to find a blog devoted to post after post of apologies for lack of podcasts and promises that *any minute now* one will be uploaded. Any idea of when this may actually happen?

Looking foward to it anyway.