Thursday, June 11, 2009

ATM Episode #11

All Things Medieval Podcast Episode 11 2009.

Find out exactlt what Sir Justyn has been up to in this, the latest episode. Movies, food and swords!

Winner of the DVD Sarge!

I need a new horse…poor old Kasper

Busy with shows again already. Movie stuff

Training again. Lots to catch up on! Missed Luke Binks Australian Knights School. Bob Charrons seminar.

Special thanks to Jim Mowatt from

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Heralds Call News

Check out the new commercial for Free Credit Fun!

The first SCA podcast. Started last year and is a weekly podcast.

Dodgy Viking Swords

Rise Sir Terry Pratchett

Luttrell Psalter DVD get one now! All the profits from the sales will go towards making the Luttrell Psalter Part II on the life of Sir Geoffrey Luttrell and his household. Dr David Mellor 'I have now viewed it and it "knocked my socks off"! I was expecting it to be good but not that good. It was poetic, elegiac, magical and yet true to its source. I was very moved'.

Galloping Into Theaters: Nicolas Cage will once again work with Gone in Sixty Seconds director Dominic Sena in Relativity Media's Season of the Witch. Story follows a fourteenth-century knight who must escort on horseback a girl suspected of being "the witch behind the Black Plague" to a distant monastery. The action-loving Sena was presumably hesitant until Cage convinced him that he "could put in some bitchin' horse chases." Also starring Ron Pearlman it is set for a 2010 release.

Ridley Scott to make Robin Hood.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese has optioned the book The Last Duel as a future motion picture that he will produce and possibly direct. Early casting rumors[citation needed] claim that, even though the two men were in their early fifties at the time of the duel, Matt Damon (b. 1970) is being considered for the part of Jean de Carrouges, while Leonardo DiCaprio (b. 1974) is being considered to play against type as Jaques Le Gris, the alleged rapist.

Dantes Inferno on Xbox

Mediev Metal!!!


Bedes World 17th May 10am-4:30pm medieval fair FREE! For more info visit

Galway Early Music Check out

23rd-24th May Back by popular demand. My Lords My Ladies Medieval Fayre in Blacktown NSW, Australia;10.00am-4.00pm Nurragingy Reserve, Knox Rd, Doonside

Escondido Renaissance Fair April 25th and 26th and the 2nd and 3rd of May.


Now I have question for you all Lords and Ladies. Do you like this segment of the show? Is it of any use to you and would you like to see it continued or replaced with something else? Perhaps its place is in the forums? I’d like to hear what you think. Email me at


Food in the Middle Ages

Books that I will reference during this feature are Maggies Black Medieval Cookbook, Fabulous Feasts by Madelaine Pelner Cosman, Cooking and Eating by Katie Stewart, Feast by Roy Strong, Charlegmanes Tablecloth by Nichola Fletcher and Food and Feast in Medieval England by Peter Hammond.

What did they eat?

Where did they Get it?

What would it have been like?

Was it nutritional and tasty?

The Market Place

Albion Swords

Get Dressed for Battle

Awl Leather

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